Published: 01/11/2013

Evangelical “Freezes Out” Breast Cancer with 8th Annual Mammathon

This January Evangelical’s Thyra M. Humphreys Center for Breast Health will attempt to “Freeze Out Breast Cancer” in our area by holding their 8th Annual Mammathon.
From January 22-24, 2013, thousands of women throughout the community will be called during the Mammathon, an event designed to encourage women to schedule their annual Mammogram.
Throughout the history of the event, the Center’s Mammathons have resulted in 5,000 calls placed with 1,000 women committing to scheduling a mammogram. It is the hope that this effort in January, along with monthly calls throughout the year by staff and volunteers, will surpass expectations and essentially freeze out late stage breast cancer through early detection.
Andrea Bertram, Director of the Thyra M. Humphreys Center for Breast Health, says, “This year we are taking a slightly different approach.  In the past this was a volunteer-based event. Because we know some women are confused by the conflicting recommendations for mammography and self-breast exams we have invited Evangelical physicians, nurses and other caregivers to launch this year’s event by making the calls personally. They will not only encourage their patients to schedule a mammogram but will also address questions or concerns.”
The age at which mammography screening should begin has recently been a subject of debate but The American Cancer Society and the staff of the Thyra M. Humphreys Center for Breast Health at Evangelical Community Hospital continue to recommend that women at average risk of breast cancer begin mammographic screening at the age of 40 and continue every 12 months. There is no definitive age at which women should stop receiving screening.
For those who put off mammograms because of difficult financial situations or because they are under or un-insured, the Center recently received two grants, one from the Susan G. Komen Foundation and one from the Degenstein Foundation, that extended the number of studies the Center is able to offer women who are financially unable to pay for the screening or follow-up imaging.
Bertram adds, “Early detection saves lives. Don’t wait for us to call you, call us today to schedule your exam.”
For more information on the funding available and convenient mammogram scheduling, call the Thyra M. Humphrey’s Center for Breast Health at 570-522-4200.
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