Published: 08/14/2013

Evangelical Community Health and Wellness Has Record Setting Year

Evangelical Community Hospital’s Community Health and Wellness had a record-setting year of providing services to the community, aiding in its mission to promote wellness throughout the Central Susquehanna Valley.
One notable area of service is that of their child safety seat fitting station. Certified car seat safety technicians are available every week on Mondays from 9 am – noon, Wednesdays from noon – 4 pm, and Fridays from 9 am – 1pm, and other times by appointment to verify car seats are properly installed.
During fiscal year 2013 (July 2012 through June 2013), Evangelical’s Community Health and Wellness installed or inspected 522 child passenger seats. Of that number, 219 seats were installed incorrectly and 180 seats were uninstalled with parents coming to Community Health and Wellness to learn how to properly position and secure their seats.
With motor vehicle crashes serving as the leading cause of death for young children, a minor crash or even sudden stop can seriously injure a child who is not riding in the right type of child seat or in a child seat that is installed incorrectly.
Sheila Packer, Director of Community Health and Wellness said, “When parents drive away from our car seat fitting station knowing their seat is properly installed and their child has the protection they need, we know we’ve just made a difference.”
“Evangelical Community Hospital’s child passenger safety program is an outstanding resource for the community.  They have proven to be exceptional partners to work with in educating parents and families on the importance of properly buckling up children in car seats,” said Angela Osterhuber, director of the Pennsylvania Traffic Injury Prevention Project.
Parents are encouraged to make an appointment at Community Health and Wellness at 7095 West Branch Highway, Lewisburg, to have their car seats checked. They are asked to bring the seat, the vehicle in which it is most regularly installed, the vehicle manual and the manual for the car seat.
Car seat safety check is just one of many of the programs made possible through the Community Health and Wellness Center. Many are free of charge and open to the public. Others are available at a minimal fee and through appointments. To find out what programs are available and how to participate, call (570) 768-3200 or visit
Packer said, “We had an outstanding year, but it doesn’t stop here. Our success only encourages us to find even more ways to meet community health and wellness needs through creative programming and spreading the word about the importance of individuals taking their health into their own hands and giving them the power to make it happen.”

In fiscal year 2013, Evangelical’s Community Health and Wellness provided a variety of services to the community:
    - Over 4,000 youth  in community schools and childcare facilities were instructed on healthy behaviors such a healthy diet, being physically active and proper hand-washing and hygiene
    - 3,158 people were trained in lifesaving courses such as CPR, First Aid, and various life support classes
    - 900 individuals received the influenza vaccine
    - 578 participants received comprehensive blood screens allowing them to know their numbers for cholesterol, blood count, blood sugar, blood pressure and more.
    - 574 parents learned how to care for their newborn infant
    - 20 new dads, grandparents, and household members received Tdap (combine Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis) vaccines to protect infants in their care