Published: 08/30/2013

Evangelical Community Hospital Mentors and Supports New Registered Nurses

Several graduate nursing students recently took part in the annual Evangelical’s Building A Safe Environment (BASE) class. The program is held each year for new and recently hired graduate RNs.
The class meets once a week for eight weeks and serves as a support to the nurses as they prepare for their careers as RNs at Evangelical Community Hospital. During the sessions, the nurses hear from guest speakers who talk with them about real world experience and what they can expect while working with patients and physicians. They also have open discussions about how to prepare for their board exam and have the opportunity to ask questions and identify areas that will help them find success. The entire program is built around the concept of establishing relationships and creating a safe environment where honest concerns and feedback can be shared and addressed.
Christal Dixon MAOM, RN, MSN, CCRN, Director of Nursing - Specialty Services at Evangelical said, “The BASE program is a vital part of building confidence in our aspiring RNs. It serves as a framework of support as they hear from fellow students who are going through the process of certification and from physicians and experienced nurses who can give them first-hand knowledge of what to expect in their career.”
She continued, “At Evangelical we’ve found that by putting in the time to mentor and support up-and-coming nurses, they feel more confident in their skills and more prepared to handle the day-to-day details of being a caregiver for our patients.”

Pictured front row (l to r): Amy Moore, Quinn Hoot, and Hannah Barclay.
Back row
(l to r): Traci Walls, Anna Johnson, Jessica Leon, Amelia Kelley. Not pictured: Sanyay Dunn, Rich Kaminski, Hillary Godeck, and Larissa Bowes.