Published: 10/10/2011

Senator Gene Yaw and State Representative Fred Keller Visit Evangelical Community Hospital


Evangelical Community Hospital recently hosted State Senator Gene Yaw and State Representative Fred Keller for a tour of the Hospital’s endoscopy suite and a look at the suite’s new high-definition imaging equipment. Senator Yaw and Representative Keller were instrumental in helping the Hospital secure two Department of Public Welfare (DPW) grants to acquire the new equipment. The state-of-the-art endoscopy and gastrointestinal imaging equipment provides for better quality images and, therefore, a more accurate diagnosis.

“With the new high-definition monitors and brand new scopes, the images are so much sharper,” Jennifer Fitzgerald, Endoscopy Team Leader, noted. “Cell abnormalities like polyps are easier to identify as are the detection of pre-cancerous cells, which can help to determine diagnoses,” she added. The grant also helped to fund light sources and processors for endoscopic procedures.

While on campus, the elected officials also toured the Hospital’s new Nursing Simulation Lab. This special section of the Hospital houses a life-like mannequin, complete with lung sounds, a heartbeat, pulse and other functions. The mannequin talks, blinks, and has a blood pressure that is controlled through a laptop. The mannequin and simulations provide realistic patient care experiences for current and student nurses. Plans are underway to use the simulation lab to train nurses on patient care processes, including diagnosis and treatment. Registered nurses are required to complete 30 additional hours of training every two years in order to renew their nursing license.

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