Published: 03/19/2014

Wellness and Health Coaching Provides Personal Trainers for Life’s Challenges

Sports teams have coaches who train, inspire, and collaborate to meet the team’s goals of winning. At Evangelical Community Hospital, coaches help people achieve their personalized health and wellness goals; guiding them through their well-being play calls in the game of life.
Wellness and health coaching is the use of certified professionals trained in healthy lifestyle management. Coaching encompasses all areas of living including weight loss, physical activity, nutrition, and stress management.
Through the Evangelical Wellness and Health Coaching program, certified coaches work to help people determine areas where change is desired. The coaching relationship is individualized to the person being coached, as there is no one set plan that works for everyone. Instead, the coach fine-tunes each individual plan to reach wellness goals in a comfortable, nonthreatening environment designed to bring control and balance to daily living.
Evangelical’s program enlists five certified wellness professionals – who all have education and experience covering a comprehensive realm of wellness initiatives including fitness, smoking cessation, disease prevention, weight management, stress management, and healthy eating.
“Our job as a coach is to work with each person to establish what they most want to accomplish,” said Jim Persing, PCC, one of Evangelical’s Professional Certified Coaches. “We create a plan and become their ‘check-in’ support person – we’re there to offer suggestions and encouragement – to help them meet their goals. We build a relationship of trust that keeps them engaged in the plan and accountable for their success.”
Evangelical’s Wellness and Health Coaching program is available for individuals in the community and also for businesses looking to create an onsite workplace wellness component.
All coaching is confidential, non-judgmental, and guides people through a process of self-inquiry, learning, and growth in a safe and supportive environment.
For more information on the Wellness  and Health Coaching Program of Evangelical Community Hospital, contact the Community Health and Wellness Center at 570-768-3200.
Evangelical is a non-profit organization that employs approximately 1,460 people and has more than 170 employed and non-employed physicians on staff. The Hospital is licensed to accommodate 132 overnight patients, 12 acute rehab patients, and 18 bassinets. The Hospital serves residents throughout the Central Susquehanna Valley, including those living in Snyder, Union, Northumberland, and Lycoming Counties.


Evangelical Community Hospital’s Wellness and Health Coaching program brings the expertise and encouragement of certified professionals to those seeking changes in their lifestyle to help them accomplish healthier living. Evangelical’s team of coaches include Amy Minnier, RN, LCCE & ACE Certified Health Coach; James Persing, PCC – Professional Certified Coach; Michelle Detwiler, MS, CPT, HC; Erik Sutherland, CWC – Certified Health & Wellness Coach; and Tammy Heim, RN & ACE Certified Health Coach. The team coaches on everything from fitness, smoking cessation, disease prevention, weight management, stress management, and healthy eating.