Nightingale Awards

The Nightingale Awards honor exceptional nurses practicing in the Commonwealth. The awards are intended to give state and national recognition to recipients. Each award recognizes outstanding nurses in various areas of practice. The Nightingale Awards of PA is an organization that promotes nursing throughout Pennsylvania. It awards scholarships each spring and honors nurses at the annual Awards Gala each fall.

Since 2003, Evangelical Community Hospital has placed finalists in the Nightingale Awards of Pennsylvania. Evangelical was honored to not only have two finalists in 2008, but to have two winners. Sue Hertzler, LPN, won the award in the Clinical Practice LPN category and Linda Zechman, RN, won the award in the Patient Choice category. Listen to their radio interview.

2008 was the sixth consecutive year that Evangelical has placed a nurse as a finalist for the Nightingale Awards, an outstanding achievement for a hospital of its size. But it was the first time in the Hospital's history that two nurses won the award in the same year.

Sue Hertzler

Sue Hertzler, a resident of Milton, is a Licensed Practical Nurse in the Emergency Department. She was named winner in the Clinical Practice LPN category. Hertzler exhibits excellent patient care through proficient and consistent clinical skills, as well as a compassionate and caring demeanor. She goes above and beyond when providing care, as evidenced by her calm, reassuring manner, and unique communication gifts.

Hertzler has taken a special interest in pediatric patients, and has a particularly good style when dealing with combative children, emotionally charged individuals and people with special needs. As an innovator, she was instrumental in the Hospital’s Clinical Ladder beginning to accept LPNs to its program.

Hertzler is the adoptive parent of three special needs children, and spends one week of her vacation as the camp nurse at a facility for children with special needs. Professionally, she is an active member of the Emergency Nurses Association.

Linda Zechman

Linda Zechman, a resident of Laurelton, was named a winner in the Patient Choice category. In December of 2007, Zechman was named Employee of the Month, and later named the 2007 Employee of the Year.

She displays compassion, patience and respect for her patients and their families, and continuously goes above and beyond the call of duty. She provides exceptional care and serves as an excellent health resource for her patients, as well as exhibiting warmth and sensitivity.

Professionally, she is involved in Clinical Ladder, Hospital Value Analysis, Quality Improvement and recently earned BLS instructor certification to help meet the needs of infants going home on apnea monitors.