General Visitation Guidelines

(updated 7/1/22)

Evangelical Community Hospital has adopted 24/7 visiting hours for all patient units with the exceptions outlined below.

  1. All Hospital entrances will be open weekdays during the hours of 5:30 am-8 pm and weekends during the hours of 8 am-8 pm.
  2. During these hours, visitors shall enter through the Main Entrance and Donehower-Eisenhauer. Guest Service Representatives will be greeting, providing wayfinding, and transporting patients and visitors as needed. Volunteers will provide support as needed.
  3. Outside of the hours, patients and visitors will be directed to come through either the Main Entrance or Emergency Department to enter the Hospital. Security and Telecommunications will provide oversight during these hours. 
  4. The number of visitors is limited to no more than four (4) visitors at one bedside. Additional visitors may wait in designated waiting areas.
  5. Children 12 years of age and under are not permitted, unless otherwise stated in our visitation policy. (i.e. The Family Place)
  6. Exceptions:

Obstetrics/The Family Place

  • Visitation hours are 8 am-8 pm, with exceptions provided Labor and Delivery and significant events (i.e. stillbirth, end-of-life).
  • Fathers or significant others will be unrestricted.
  • Siblings under the age limitation of this policy are permitted during visiting hours.

Emergency Department

  • Two visitors may accompany the patient when the patient is assigned to an Emergency Department Room and must remain in the patient's room.
  • Additional visitors must wait in another waiting area, such as the former Degenstein Lobby waiting area.
  • For patients who are under investigation or in isolation, visitors must remain in their vehicles or in the former Degenstein Lobby waiting area until the patient's results are completed.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

  • Visitation hours are weekdays 3:30 pm-8 pm and weekends, 8 am-8 pm. For newly admitted patients Saturdays after 3:30 pm and Sundays, 8 am-8 pm.


Surgeries and Procedures

  • One interchangeable support person is permitted to accompany the patient. 
  • For patients under the age of 18, two support persons are permitted.
  • A support person may be asked to wait in other designated areas to maintain physical distancing.

Imaging, Testing, Physical Therapy, and Physician/Clinic Appointments

  • Up to two support persons are permitted to accompany the patient.
  • If an adult patient arrives with children and no alternatives for childcare are available, the patient will be allowed to proceed with the service.
  • A support person may be asked to wait in other designated areas to maintain physical distancing.

Overnight Stay Guidelines

  1. One visitor may stay overnight in the patient's room. The visitor will inform that patient's caregiver that they will be spending the night.
  2. During the overnight hours (8 pm-5:30 am), visitors shall remain in the patient's room.
  3. Accommodations:
    • The Hospital will provide a pillow, blanket, and bath towel for the overnight guest.
    • The visitor is responsible for bringing toiletries.
    • The visitor may purchase food through Bedside Bistro.

End-of-Life Patient

  1. Age and quantity limits on visitors are not applicable in these situations.
  2. Excess amounts of visitors will be asked to wait in patient waiting areas as deemed necessary by Nursing.

Patients in Isolation

  1. Up to two visitors at a time in the patient's room
  2. Visitors will be required to wear appropriate PPE to enter a patient's room.
  3. PPE must be kept on the entire visit in the patient's room.

COVID Specific Visitation Requirements

  1. Visitors will wear a Level One or cloth mask during their entire visit. Gaiters are acceptable, Bandanas, masks with valves or vents, loose cloth masks, or any mask not completely covering the nose and mouth is prohibited.
  2. A face shield will be provided to the visitor to wear for medical reasons only during the end-of-life visit.
  3. It is essential for visitors to maintain physical distancing.
  4. Visitors must be free of signs or symptoms of a respiratory illness such as a fever, cough, shortness of breath or flu-like symptoms suggestive of COVID-19.
  5. Visitors are not permitted if they have an active COVID-19 infection. Visitors who previously had COVID-19 must be at least 10 days from the start of symptoms.
  6. The Hospital cannot deny access to an attendant, caregiver, or family member of a patient who has an intellectual, developmental, or cognitive disability, communication barrier or behavioral concerns.
  7. Visitors must perform hand hygiene prior to entering and after leaving patient rooms
  8. Visitors that do not comply with these rules will lose visiting privileges.
  9. Family and support persons are invited and encouraged to connect with their loved one virtually.
  10. Clergy, doulas, and nursing home liaisons are considered integral parts of the care team and their visitation is not restricted as long as they adhere to the guidelines listed in this policy.