For Visitors

We understand the important roles friends and family members can play in a patient’s recovery. At Evangelical, we encourage visitation in balance with a patient’s need for rest.

Evangelical Community Hospital reserves the right to modify its visitation policy to accommodate changes in infectious diseases. Call 570-522-2000 to check on any visitation restrictions. Also, children under the age of 12 are restricted from some areas of the Hospital to help protect patients and children from infection.

Visiting Hours

Restricted due to COVID-19.

Visitor Restrictions

Adult Inpatients

  • All non-COVID-19 inpatients will be permitted two designated support persons during their stay in the Hospital.
  • The two designated support persons can only visit the patient one at a time. The support person not visiting with the patient must remain in the Donehower-Eisenhauer Lobby or outside the facility.
  • All support persons must be screened daily.
  • No visitors under the age of 18 will be permitted.
  • No visitors will be permitted for inpatients who are diagnosed with or suspected of having COVID-19.
  • Clergy members are permitted to visit with a patient. The clergy member will not take the place of the patient’s two designated visitors. However, when the clergy member visits with the patient, the patient’s two designated visitors must exit the facility. Clergy members will be limited to visiting the requesting patient and are not permitted to round on other patients.
  • Nursing Home admission liaisons are permitted to visit patients to help facilitate moving patients, who are medically ready to leave the Hospital, into those facilities.

Emergency Department

  • One designated, on-site support person may accompany the patient.
  • Support person must remain in the patient’s room.
  • No visitors for patients who are suspected or confirmed as having COVID-19.
  • No visitors for patients presenting through the D door (decontamination room), until cleared from airborne precautions.
  • Potential visitors will have to remain in their cars until cleared to come in.
  • For patients under the age of 18: one dedicated caregiver for the entire stay.
  • Exceptions to the Emergency Department visitor restrictions may be made for patients who are nearing the end of life.

End-of-life Situations

  • Two visitors at a time for a non-COVID patient.
  • If more than two visitors wish to see the patient, the other visitors must wait outside in their vehicle or designated area and enter and exit the facility two at a time.
  • Visitors must remain in the patient’s room unless asked to step outside by a care provider or staff member.

The Family Place (Laboring Mother)

  • One designated support person for the duration of the Hospital stay.
  • Doulas are permitted to visit laboring mothers.

Outpatient testing/appointments (Lab, Imaging, PT, Physician and Clinic Practices)

  • One support person may accompany the patient.
  • Support person may be asked to wait in their vehicle or designated area, if physical distancing cannot be achieved in waiting or care areas.
  • Children under the 18 are not permitted in the clinic or facility, unless the minor is the patient.

Outpatient Surgeries/Procedures (includes Ambulatory Surgical Center, Endoscopy Center, One-Day Surgery)

  • One designated support person may accompany patient.
  • Support person may be asked to wait in their vehicle or designated area, if physical distancing cannot be achieved in waiting or care areas.

Pediatric Inpatients

  • Up to two designated support people for the duration of the Hospital stay.
  • Support person(s) must remain in the patient’s room as much as possible.

Dining Options

In addition to ordering meals with patients through the Bedside Bistro service, visitors can enjoy a meal at:

O’Keefe Dining Room
Closed to public due to COVID-19.

Directions and Parking

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