Alice and Joe Brown’s Stories



I was having a lot of pain on my left side, and after some X-rays, found that my hip was going. My physician just said I would eventually have to have it replaced. I couldn't stand or walk up the steps. I didn't want to be that immobile anymore.

My husband Joe was one of the first knee replacement patients to go through the Joint Replacement Center at Evangelical Community Hospital, so I knew how wonderful the program was. I was his coach throughout the recovery process, and I saw first hand how caring and compassionate the nurses and staff were. There was nowhere else I wanted to go for my replacement.

My husband is a piece of work; he likes to do things on his own and in his own way. But the nurses at the Joint Replacement Center were polite and courteous, and just pushy enough to get him to do the exercises as he was supposed to. I noticed their patience and camaraderie with Joe, and knew that Evan would be my choice for my hip replacement.


After the great experience I had with my first knee replacement, I decided to get the other one done at the Joint Replacement Center at Evangelical too. Yes, the first time I was in the Joint Center, I was a handful. I just wanted to do things my own way; I didn't understand that if I followed the nurses' and physical therapists' directions, I would get back to doing things "my own way" so much faster. But I learned quickly, and with my second knee replacement I was in and out of there in three days!

Alice: We have no complaints. Everything was just so excellent, the care we received, the compassion we felt from the staff, the pain management, all the way down the list to the food! As an Orthodox Jew, I had no problem getting kosher meals that were delicious too!

Thomas F. Dominick, MD,  and Charles Cole, MD, from SUN Orthopaedic Group, Inc., are A+ doctors. We would recommend them, SUN Orthopaedic and the Joint Replacement Center at Evangelical to anyone... and we have!