Perinatal Education Program

Have You Been PEP'd?

The Perinatal Education Program (PEP) is designed to help educate you about the many aspects of your pregnancy, including labor, delivery and baby care. The program, provided by The Family Place, is voluntary and free of charge.

Program Benefits

A benefit of PEP is a preadmission visit scheduled about 36 weeks into your pregnancy. The visit will help orient you to our maternity unit and allow you to complete most of the necessary paperwork and receive educational materials so you can concentrate on your baby and yourself during your hospital stay.

A postpartum visit will be scheduled for a few days after you take your baby home. During this visit, the nurse will assess both you and your baby to make sure that both of you are doing well. The nurse is available to answer any questions that you may have and she is capable of supporting your breast feeding concerns.


This bi-monthly newsletter series give you a wealth of knowledge about what to expect and what to do through every stage of your pregnancy and prepare you to take your baby home from the hospital.

If you are interested in joining PEP, please contact The Family Place at (570) 522-2610 or (570) 522-2612.