PRIME with lights

At Evangelical Community Hospital, we are committed to a sense of belonging for patients and talent alike. Our Hospital building lights are one of many communication vehicles we utilize to honor the rich culture of the communities we serve and employ.

The Hospital is a proud champion of its commitment to our mission of providing exceptional healthcare, accessible to all, in the safest and most compassionate atmosphere possible to build a healthy community.

At night, when our building lights are not shining blue to reflect our brand, the following calendar of events showcases opportunities to reflect our values as our community’s healthcare provider of choice for patients and as a welcoming and open workplace for our clinicians, staff, and volunteers.

The upcoming calendar of recognition is as follows:


  • New Year – White


  • Rock Red for Healthy Hearts - Red
  • Black History Month - Red, Green


  • Women's History Month - Purple


  • Donate Life - Blue, Green
  • Earth Day - Green


  • Hospital Week - Evangelical Blue
  • Mothers' Day - Yellow
  • Asian Pacific Heritage Month - Red, Yellow, Green
  • Memorial Day - Red, White, Blue


  • LBGTQ+ Pride Month - Rainbow
  • Fathers' Day - Yellow


  • Independence Day - Red, White, Blue


  • Hispanic Heritage Month - Yellow, Orange, Red 


  • Paint the Valley Pink - Pink
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month - Purple
  • Disability Employment Awareness Month - Yellow, White, Blue, Green
  • Halloween - Orange


  • Veterans' Day - Red, White, Blue
  • Native American Heritage Month - Blue, Green. Red
  • Thanksgiving Day - Red, Orange, Yellow


  • Holiday Season - Red, Green, White, Blue 


Evangelical Community Hospital welcomes requests to use the building lights to celebrate and recognize special events, causes, and observations. To begin, click the button below and complete the building lights request form.

Building Lights Request Form Building Lights Request Form