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UKG Dimensions Update

May 9, 2023
UKG Dimensions Technical Support

Due to low call volumes, the UKG Dimensions Command Center is permanently closing today. Moving forward, all UKG Dimensions issues should be directed to the IS Service Desk at extension 24636 or [email protected] with "UKG" in subject line.

Transferring Between Departments and/or Job Codes
It is best practice for the manager/timekeeper to manage planned employee transfers between departments and/or job codes through the schedule in UKG Dimensions. Limited transfer sets have been made available to employees to record their own transfers at a timekeeping device. Requests for additional transfer access should be submitted through the IS Service Desk and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Employee Timekeeping Best Practices
Accurate and timely timekeeping is essential to Hospital operations and the employee's compensation. Timekeeping responsibilities are shared between the employee, designated timekeeper(s), and/or the employee's manager.

Approaching the end of the first pay period in UKG, employees are encouraged to review timekeeping expectations.

  • Non-exempt, hourly employees are responsible for:
    • Reporting all time worked
    • Following proper clock in and out procedures from an approved timekeeping device
    • Notifying managers/timekeepers of missed or incorrect punches as soon as they are identified, ideally before the end of the pay period
    • Entering transfers based on work assignments that are not prepopulated in the schedule
    • Requesting scheduled PTO
    • Reviewing their own timecard periodically throughout the pay period and at the end of their final shift of the pay period for accuracy, reporting any discrepancies to their timekeeper/manager before the timecard is finalized
    • Reviewing their biweekly pay voucher and promptly reporting any errors to their timekeeper/manager, if they believe they've been paid incorrectly
    • Obtaining advanced approval from supervisor for any overtime hours
    • Following departmental procedures for unscheduled PTO
  • Exempt, salaried employees are responsible for:
    • Reporting exceptions to regularly scheduled hours (e.g., PTO, Extended Leave, bereavement, jury duty) to their timekeeper/manager
    • Requesting scheduled PTO
    • Reviewing their own timecard for accuracy 

UKG Resources
To access job aids, timekeeping device instructions, mobile app downloading instructions, and other important UKG resources, employees can visit the UKG Dimensions User Guides found under Links on EvanNet.


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