Billing and Insurance

Evangelical Community Hospital, its network of employed practices, and outpatient services are committed to helping you understand and meet your financial obligations. We consider it part of the care process and we strive to deliver the same level of service in supporting you through payment of bills as we do in the exam room, the operating room, or anywhere in our organization.


You can pay your hospital bill or your bill from an employed practice online. You may also receive bills from Quantum Imaging or Logix Health for services provided at the Hospital. These bills cannot be paid through this portal.

Pay Your Bill Online

Please note: You will be redirected to, which is a third party payment processor. The HBCS website has a different privacy policy and may have different security than

Hospital Bill and Physician Fees

Hospital Bill

Your hospital bill will be based on the services you receive while you are a patient in the Hospital. This may include charges for your room, nursing care, pharmaceuticals, and other hospital services. Room charges will vary based on the unit and level of care you are provided. Your bill may also include any outstanding or unpaid balances from pre-hospitalization testing you may have received.

Physician Fees

Your physician fees are not included in your hospital bill. You will receive separate bills from your attending physicians and/or surgeons who participated in your diagnosis and treatment.

Also, specialists such as anesthesiologists, radiologists, and cardiologists will bill you separately for their services. These are specialists with whom you may or may not have had direct personal interactions. Their service to you, however, is critical to quality patient care and is appropriately billable to your stay. 

Billing of Out-of-Network Patients

If you are not a participant of a health plan with which Evangelical Community Hospital has a contract as a participating provider, you may be financially responsible for the costs of some or all of non-emergency care or services provided to you by Evangelical.  To determine whether Evangelical is a participating provider, you must contact your health plan.  Regardless of plan participation, you ultimately are responsible for paying your bill.

Financial Assistance

To discuss your financial assistance options with a counselor, call 570-522-4445.

Download Financial Assistance brochure

Financial Assistance

Billing and Collections Policy

Insurance Information

Evangelical Community Hospital and its employed physician practices cannot guarantee the benefit level for insurance carriers. To determine the Hospital’s and/or practice’s participation status, contact your insurance carrier. 

Price Transparency

We know the cost of your healthcare is important to you and we're committed to providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision. For more on our self-pay rates (the cost of care for someone without health insurance), click here.