Total Joint Replacement

If chronic joint pain is keeping you from doing the things you love, the time might be right for a total joint replacement.

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Evangelical Community Hospital has been recognized as a DNV certified Hip and Knee Replacement Center. Read more.

Total Care

Our board-certified orthopaedic surgeons look to minimally invasive and non-surgical options whenever possible. But, sometimes, a total joint replacement for your shoulder, knee, or hip is the preferred approach to relieving pain and restoring quality of life.

If you and your doctor decide that joint-replacement surgery is right for you, Evangelical is here for you, before, during, and after surgery.


We'll Help You Prepare for Your Surgery

  • The process begins six-to-eight weeks in advance
  • You'll learn what to expect before, during, and after your procedure
  • Your doctor will prescribe specific exercises to strengthen your body before your surgery
  • You'll choose a family member or friend to serve as your coach
  • You'll have an opportunity to tour our specialized Joint Replacement Unit, and
  • Members of our team will be there to help answer your questions
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A Specialized Unit Just for Joint Replacement Patients

  • Following your recovery from anesthesia, you'll stay in our Joint Replacement Unit
  • This unit is only for well patients who are recovering from joint replacement surgery
  • Here, you'll wear your own clothes—no hospital gowns!
  • And, it's here that you'll begin your therapy, alongside others who are sharing your same experience

Our Team of Experts Will Help You Achieve Your Best Results

  • Your board-certified orthopaedic surgeon will develop your individualized care plan
  • All members of your care team—doctors, physician assistants, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and social workers—specialize in hip and knee replacements
  • You and your coach are key members of this team!
  • Each of our specialists will work with you on a specific portion of your recovery
  • And they'll all work together to ensure your best possible patient experience and outcomes

You'll Be Amazed at How Fast You'll Progress!

  • On the day of your surgery, you'll be out of bed and walking with the assistance of a walker
  • Your physical and occupational therapy will begin the very next day
  • You'll continue working with our therapy team in group settings and on individual skills
  • The team will work with you to prepare for your return home and arrange for your continued, outpatient therapy

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