Palliative Medicine

Focusing on Quality of Life

If you or a loved one are living with a serious illness, you should consider adding palliative medicine to your treatment plan. Palliative medicine is supportive care that focuses on controlling and relieving the symptoms and stress of a serious or life-threatening illness.

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There are many benefits to palliative medicine, including:

  • Help understanding your condition and treatment options
  • Assistance with access and coordination of care
  • Options for difficult to manage symptoms
  • Care that addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual needs
  • Advance care planning assistance
  • Team approach consisting of physicians, advanced practitioners, rehabilitation services, case management, and other providers as needed
  • Care can be provided in the hospital or at home

Palliative Medicine vs Hospice

Kathryn Giorgini, DO
Kathryn Giorgini, DO


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Palliative medicine is available at any time during an illness, and can be utilized as needed, or throughout a patients’ treatment.

Hospice care is provided to patients with a terminal illness with a life expectancy of six months or less, and who are no longer receiving disease-directed treatment of their medical condition.

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