Lynley Smith


Lynley Smith

Why one area woman keeps coming back

For Lynley Smith of Mifflinburg, choosing OB/GYN of Evangelical for her women’s health needs was pretty easy. “My mom and sister went there, so when it came time to start seeing someone at the age of 18, that’s where I chose to go. The women in my life trusted them, so I did too,” said Lynley. When it came time for the next stage of her life, to have a baby with husband, Ryan, she continued with OB/GYN knowing she would deliver at The Family Place, where both she and her husband were born. 

The Smiths have two sons, Jaxson, age 4 1/2, and Maxwell, who was born in March of 2017. For her first pregnancy with Jaxson, everything was new. She took advantage of the prepared childbirth classes held through Community Health and Wellness, and when it came time to deliver, had a relatively short labor.

“Our first experience at The Family Place was so good,” said Lynley. “The midwife was great and the nurses were so reassuring, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience as we got used to the idea of being new parents.”

When it came time four and half years later to deliver Maxwell, they continued with OB/GYN of Evangelical and The Family Place.

The second birth was a little different because Lynley experienced high blood pressure and the decision was made to induce her.

“The midwife and the nurses were very helpful and checked in with me frequently to make sure I was comfortable and doing okay.”

She was more than okay when only after a few hours of labor, Maxwell arrived happy and healthy. When thinking about what might have changed between the births of her children, Lynley reflected that the care was the same, the atmosphere was different. Lynley experienced The Family Place pre and post-renovation, and ironically enough, in the same room.

“The second time around definitely had a more homelike feel, the room was cozy and felt less like a hospital,” she said. “And my husband greatly appreciated the pullout bed that was in the new room compared to the reclining chair he slept in after the birth of Jaxson."

“I also liked being able to order my meals from a menu, what I wanted to eat, when I wanted to eat,” she said, “That was something truly new and appreciated.”

As for the education The Family Place gave to the Smiths before they went home, Lynley said, “With Jaxson those pieces were so helpful because everything was brand new, and with Maxwell, it was good to have a refresher to make sure we were doing everything right to take the best care of our sons.”

“Everyone was so good to us, that’s why we came back.”