A heart-to-heart about risk

If you have symptoms or a recommendation from your doctor, our team of experts is here to help. We’re also here to help lower your risk factors ahead of time.

Lower Your Risk

What can you do to prevent a heart attack? Take control of these risk factors that cause heart artery blockage.

Risk Factors

Know the Warning Signs

How can you tell if it’s a heart attack? Know the warning signs by heart.

Warning Signs

Emergency Services

Diagnostic Services


Did You Know?

  • A recent study predicts that those with an “optimal” risk factor burden have an increased life expectancy of 10+ years over those with two or more risk factors.
  • Evangelical’s catheterization lab is on-site, minimizing time to treatment in the case of a heart attack.
  • Our staff of technologists and nurses bring a combined 40 years of catheterization lab experience to every procedure performed at Evangelical.
  • The Cardiac Rehabilitation program allows you to progress at your own pace, and includes resources for loved ones as well.

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