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Your healthiest heart begins with regular visits to your primary care provider, who can help monitor and improve important, heart-related factors like blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Evangelical’s Find a Provider live chat puts you in touch with a specially trained person who listens to your medical needs and helps you and your family find the right care.

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Heart Resources and Events 

Talk with the Doc: Women's Heart Health

Warning Signs and Prevention

This free panel discussion on women’s heart health will cover:
     • Signs and symptoms of heart attacks in women.
     • How to focus on physical and mental well-being.
     • What you should be eating to improve overall heart health.

Melanie Patel, DO, Cardiologist
Heart and Vascular Center of Evangelical
Taryn Wilk, Wellness Educator
Evangelical Community Health and Wellness
Christina O’Rourke, Community Dietitian
Evangelical Community Health and Wellness

Tuesday, February 21
6 pm

The Miller Center
120 Hardwood Drive, Lewisburg, PA


Wellness 360 •  Evangelical's Active Aging Network
"Key Nutrients for Older Adults"

Join community dietitian Christina O’Rourke as she discusses healthy eating habits for older adults. Learn the three key nutrients essential for supporting an active lifestyle and get ideas for healthy meals. Nutrition topics such as plant-based eating and weight management strategies will also be covered. 

Wednesday, February 8

10:15 am
The Miller Center
120 Hardwood Drive, Lewisburg, PA


Comprehensive Blood Screening
A low-cost comprehensive blood screening can provide important details about your health, sometimes before symptoms of a condition surface, giving you and your physician the power to plan ahead. Fee includes lipid panel, complete blood count, and CMP. Fee: $50 

Thursday, February 23

6:30-10 am
The Miller Center
120 Hardwood Drive, Lewisburg, PA


Heart Screen

This free screening assists in the detection and prevention of heart-related issues. The screening includes lipid panel (good, bad, and total cholesterol levels, triglycerides), blood sugar, blood pressure, and body composition. A 12-hour fast is required prior to your appointment.

Tuesday, February 14

6;30-10 am
The Miller Center
120 Hardwood Drive, Lewisburg, PA


Freedom From Smoking

Over the course of eight sessions, learn to overcome tobacco addiction with the help of certified educators through this FREE program. The seven-week program can give you the tools you need to be smoke-free and enjoy the benefits of a healthier you. Call 570-768-3200 to schedule an appointment with a certified facilitator.

Additional Videos             

Hear from Saquib Siddiqi, MS, DO to learn more about blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and why these numbers are important to understanding your heart health.

Jeannette trusted us with her heart. Watch her story: