ERMMS Ambulance Membership

Evangelical Regional Mobile Medical Services (ERMMS) is your primary advanced life support ambulance service in the following communities:

  • Mifflinburg
  • Hummel's Wharf
  • Now Serving - Port Trevorton

Staffed by a highly trained paramedic and an EMT, we are prepared to respond to your emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your membership covers the cost of medically necessary transportation to the Hospital as well as the advanced life support or ALS unit and any paramedic services provided at the time of your emergency.

Many insurance plans do not completely cover the cost of an ambulance trip, leaving you with the bill. With your community ambulance membership, you pay nothing.

In addition, your membership helps ERMMS purchase new equipment, maintain medical supplies and complete training.

Any time your are transported to the Hospital as a result of an emergency incident, ERMMS will submit a bill to your insurance carrier. Any amount the insurance carrier pays will serve as payment for your emergency services. If the insurance carrier denies the claim, you still pay nothing.

Thank you for your support.

Use the Button below to access the online 2024 ambulance membership page.

Membership Terms
I hereby apply for a membership to ERMMS and agree to the following terms: Acceptance by ERMMS of the enclosed membership fee and this assignment entitles me to 10 (ten) medically necessary EMERGENCY AMBULANCE SERVICE. The FAMILY covers all family members living at this address and any guests or visitors who are transported from the residence. The SINGLE covers only the individual named on this card. This membership is effective upon ERMMS receipt and acceptance of my membership fee and this assignment, and expires on December 31, 2024. Subscription may occur anytime during 2024, however, full payment will be due and the membership will still expire on December 31, 2024.

Assignment: Subject to acceptance of this assignment and payment to ERMMS by my insurance company when ambulance services are rendered, all co-payments and/or deductibles will be covered. As part of the consideration for this membership agreement, I hereby assign to ERMMS all my rights and benefits under my Hospitalization and Medical insurance or other medical benefits or insurance policies for services rendered to me by or for ERMMS. I authorize and direct my insurers and medical benefits providers to pay directly to ERMMS all sums owed for each service rendered to me. When services are rendered I will notify my insurance as required, and provide insurance numbers and authorizations needed by ERMMS to bill my insurance. ERMMS will send my bills directly to my insurer or other medical benefits provider. I agree to forward to ERMMS any payments I receive for services rendered to me by or for ERMMS under this membership agreement.

NOTE: This is not an insurance contract. This membership covers any insurance co-payments and/or deductibles, except as required by law or regulation, which you may incur for ambulance service rendered by or for ERMMS, not paid by your third-party payer. Membership coverage applies only to persons who accept all terms of this agreement. This membership is nonrefundable and nontransferable.