Vertigo and Balance/Fall Prevention


Vertigo, or the sense that the room or your environment is spinning, is often described as dizziness and it’s the third most common complaint among patients visiting outpatient offices. It often appears suddenly and can be associated with:

Getting out of bed
Lying down
Bending over
Looking up or reaching over your head
Rolling to one side in bed
Laying flat in your bed

Frequently, patients are told to avoid these positions in order to avoid the dizzy feeling. That’s not practical for many and can be life-limiting for others. Our vestibular-certified therapist can help go beyond just avoiding a position to treat your dizziness and get you feeling like you’re on solid ground again.

Balance/Falls Prevention

While balance issues and falls can be part of the aging process, frequent bouts of lost balance or falling can be signs of serious issues and should be addressed with your primary care doctor. If a fear of falling or losing your balance is keeping you away from the life you enjoy, our specialized physical therapist can help.

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Our Specialist

Janine Fee
Janine Fee, MS, MPT, practices vestibular and balance rehabilitation in a variety of settings, including inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, emergency department, and acute care. She holds Master’s degrees in Exercise Physiology and Physical Therapy, and is certified in Vestibular Rehabilitation.