Brachytherapy is a widely used, fast-working radiation treatment for breast cancer. With Brachytherapy, doctors insert radioactive pellets – each about the size of a grain of rice – into the area where a cancerous lump has been removed.

A Highly Targeted Treatment

Brachytherapy works from inside the body, targeting the area where cancer would have the greatest chance of recurring – the area where the cancerous tumor had been.

Takes Just 5 Days

Unlike traditional, external radiation therapy (which can take several weeks), brachytherapy treatment is complete in just 5 days.

Minimizes Radiation Exposure to Healthy Breast Tissue

Because doctors place the radioactive pellets directly inside the area where the lump had been, there is less radiation exposure to surrounding tissue. Less damage to healthy tissue may result in a shorter recovery time and an improved cosmetic result.

As Effective as Traditional Radiation Therapy

Brachytherapy offers recurrence rates equal to radiation therapy that targets the entire breast.

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