The Family Place Services

At The Family Place, we understand that the birth of a baby can bring a complex mix of needs and emotions. To help to make your transition during this time as easy as possible, our caring team of experts offers a variety of services, including:

We also offer a Perinatal Loss Program that provides comfort and resources to those who have experienced the loss of a baby.

Family-Centered Maternity Care

At The Family Place, we take a family-centered approach to maternity care. We don’t separate babies from their mothers unless you ask us to. We encourage you to keep your precious little one in your room with you as much as possible to help promote family bonding. We encourage your support person to stay as well.

It’s our goal to meet every family’s unique requests and needs. 

Breastfeeding Consultation

Evangelical offers help and encouragement for mothers who wish to breastfeed their babies. Our board-certified lactation consultant provides support daily to all our breastfeeding moms. Our lactation team also includes several registered nurses who are certified breastfeeding support specialists.

In addition, Evangelical offers breastfeeding classes through Community Health and Wellness programs.

Comfort Control

At The Family Place, we believe that childbirth is a wonderful experience, but we also understand that having a baby involves discomfort or pain.

Not all mothers need or choose pain relief during labor and delivery. But, for those who do, we offer several options to help you control your comfort level, including:

  • pain medication
  • regional anesthesia (epidural or spinal block)

Each option controls pain differently and may be appropriate at different times during labor and delivery. 

Hugs Infant Protection System

At The Family Place, ensuring the safety and security your new baby is a responsibility we take extremely seriously. That’s why we’ve implemented a comprehensive infant security system known as the Hugs Infant Protection System.

With the Hugs system:

  • Babies wear a small tag around their ankles
  • Each tag has a unique identification number
  • Moms, support partners, and The Family Place staff can move babies freely within the unit
  • Every point of entry to and exit from the unit, including stairwells and elevators, is monitored and electronically equipped to detect the tags
  • If someone were to attempt to remove a baby from the unit, the system would instantly alert The Family Place staff and the entire Hospital

Social Services

At The Family Place, we understand that not all pregnancies are planned and this may cause some additional stress.

If you need help handling the many challenges and changes having a baby can bring, a compassionate, caring member of our Social Services team can provide you with information about some of the financial, medical, nutrition, and legal resources available.

To contact Evangelical's Social Services department, please call 570-522-2586.