Joint Replacement Preoperative Class

To help you prepare for total joint replacement surgery, you’ll attend a special class with other patients about 2-3 weeks before your scheduled procedure. Members of our Joint Replacement Team will answer your questions and give you a tour of our Joint Replacement Unit.

We strongly encourage you to bring a family member or friend who will serve as your coach after your surgery. During this class, we’ll discuss the vital role your coach will play throughout your recovery.

Our preoperative class includes:

  • An overview of Joint Replacement Surgery at Evangelical
  • Details about what to expect during your stay
  • Information about the role of your coach
  • An opportunity to meet our team
  • Breathing exercises
  • A review of the preoperative exercises your surgeon will prescribe
  • Advice for protecting your new joint
  • Tips for using assistive equipment such as a cane or walker
  • A tour of our Joint Replacement Unit

After attending the class, you’ll have all the information you need to approach your joint replacement surgery with confidence. You’ll also be well-equipped to play a key role in your own recovery.

Online Joint Replacement Class Online Joint Replacement Class

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