Tod Hoffman

Tod Hoffman

One Day to Better

Joint replacement expedited recovery program

For 57-year-old Tod Hoffman of Dalmatia, a second knee replacement at Evangelical meant a shorter Hospital stay, but nothing short in the care process. 

Hoffman, a patient of Charles Cole, MD, SUN Orthopaedics of Evangelical, experienced pain in both knees for a long time. After attempts at care through surgical alternatives like pain injections, Hoffman decided a joint replacement was the right move for him—and not only one, but two.

In November 2018, Hoffman underwent a left knee replacement, and in April 2019, he completed his goal for better movement with a right knee replacement. The only difference? The second one was done under an expedited recovery program aimed at caring, educating, and getting the patient home in a
24-hour time frame.

Just one day after the joint replacement surgery, Hoffman was dressing himself, practicing activities he would have to do at home, learning the exercises he would need to make progress between physical therapy sessions, and asking any and all questions he might have of the expert staff.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better place to go—everyone was on my side and passionate about my improvement,” said Hoffman. “From the physician, to the office staff, to the inpatient staff—the entire treatment team—I was comfortable with my plan and glad to be home sooner working toward a full recovery.”

Just because the patient goes home within 24 hours doesn’t mean the care stops. To help, Evangelical staff are available to answer questions at any time, provide a support system, and check in often to make sure the patient has what they need to work toward success.

After being through two knee replacements, Hoffman’s advice is clear. “What really is important to remember is the patient has to be patient,” said Hoffman. “You take one day and then the next day, and after that you can feel yourself turning a corner, giving you hope. You take any setbacks that happen and overcome them.”


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