Enhancing the Evangelical Experience

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In our community, the Evangelical Experience is a very real thing. It’s not contrived or imagined. It’s palpable! Our patients have come to expect it. And our caregivers aspire to expand its impact.

Since 1926, each generation has challenged itself to push this community hospital beyond what others thought was possible. Now, it’s our turn to enhance that iconic Evangelical Experience.

Evangelical has always put the needs of the community first. In fact, the very origin of this Hospital is linked to the fact that the community needed one. We have carried that obligation with us as we added one service after the other. Today, it is engrained in our culture, and it continues to guide our actions.

Fulfilling Our Promise to the Community

Anchored by a four-story building expansion, this campaign will provide funding for our numerous community care programs that were developed to address critical needs of our community. It also will support a broad facility expansion and modernization project focused on the element of a hospital stay that could have the most impact on our patients’ overall experience – the patient rooms.

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