The PRIME Project

Patient Room Improvement Modernization and Enhancement

Evangelical PRIME Project Southeast Elevation

For nearly 100 years, Evangelical Community Hospital has met the community’s needs with a focused resolve. We bring that history of success to the project we are calling PRIME – Patient Room Improvement Modernization and Enhancement.

This project is well planned and has received overwhelming support from our teams of caregivers, who see the incredible advantages it will provide to our patients. The project is filled with intricate details, but the high-level features include:

Evangelical PRIME Project Footprint Map
  • All private patient rooms and bathrooms
  • Greater comfort
  • Expanded services
  • Improved space for family and visitors
  • Designed for optimal safety and efficiency of care
  • Flexibility to accommodate future services and technologies
  • Strengthened ability to recruit and retain the best possible caregivers
Keep Up to Date
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