Evangelical Golf Classic

For over 30 years, Evangelical Community Hospital has hosted its Golf Classic Event as a important fundraiser with proceeds earmarked for Pre-Hospital Services. In 2017, nearly 200 golfers participated in an event that raised over $39,000 after expenses.

Held annually, the Golf Classic event raises funds for life-sustaining treatments performed by trained paramedics and emergency medical technicians at the scene of an emergency. These emergency responders also provide vital patient information to Emergency Department personnel before the patient arrives at the Hospital.

In 2016, Pre-Hospital Services answered nearly 11,000 calls with 50 percent of those being medical emergencies, 40 percent being trauma, and 10 percent classified as other. The calls included medical emergencies such as stroke and heart attack, trauma incidents from motor vehicle accidents, falls, assaults and sports injuries, miscellaneous injuries such as animal bites, drowning, and electrocutions, drug overdoses, and stand-by incidents such as fires and law enforcement requests where injuries may occur during response.

The event raises funds through registration and sponsorships and featured on-the-course contests. In total, the annual event has raised nearly $959,000.