Car Seat Safety

Your children are your most precious cargo. Evangelical wants to partner with you to help keep them safe. That’s why we offer individual appointments for personalized child safety seat checks. Our experts will check to see if your child safety seats are installed properly and safely and if you’re using the right seats for your children. Please call our Community Health and Wellness department at 570-768-3200 to schedule an appointment.

Did you know?

  • motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for young children
  • a minor crash – even a sudden stop – can seriously injure a child who is not properly secured

To reduce the risk, make sure your children

  • are in the proper safety seats based on their age, height, and weight
  • are facing the correct direction 
  • are properly fastened and secured

Finding the correct seat for your child

 Age  Weight/Height   Type of Seat
Infants from birth to age 2 Up to the maximum height and weight limits of the seat Infant car seat (all infant car seats are rear-facing) or rear-facing convertible car seat
Toddlers (ages 2 and up) Up to the maximum height and weight limits of the seat Rear-facing until height/weight limit reached then forward-facing car seat with a harness
Young children (ages 4 and up) Up to the maximum height and weight limits of the seat Forward-facing seat with a harness until height/weight limit reached and then seat-belt-positioned booster seat
Children (ages 8 and up) When a seat belt fits the child properly (snugly across the hips, not the stomach)  Seat belt in the back seat until age 13
  • Use this chart as a general guide
  • See seat and vehicle manufacturers' instructions for specific details
  • All children younger than age 13 should ride in the back seat
  • Pennsylvania Law states a child must remain rear facing until after his or her second birthday

PennDOT RecommendationsPennDOT Recommendations