Smoking Cessation

Are You Ready to Be a Quitter?

Quitting smoking isn’t easy – but it’s easier with the right help. The American Lung Association’s Freedom From Smoking® program gives you options, resources, and support to quit for good! 

Freedom From Smoking® is the premier smoking cessation program from the American Lung Association. It helps you develop a plan of action that leads to your quit day. You’ll also get the support you need to remain smoke free for life!

You’ll learn:

  • how to know if you’re really ready to quit
  • medications that can increase your success
  • lifestyle changes to make quitting easier
  • how to prepare for your quit day
  • coping strategies for managing stress and avoiding weight gain
  • developing a new self-image
  • how to stay smoke free for good

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For more information, call Evangelical’s Community Health and Wellness department at 570-768-3200 and download our helpful fact sheet.

Are You Ready to Be a Quitter?Are You Ready to Be a Quitter?