Germ City

Evangelical is pleased to offer Germ City: The Clean Hands, Healthy People program. This educational, outreach, and research program is available to travel to your school, organization, or event.

Germ City is a fun, interactive way to teach children and adults about the importance of hand washing. It also provides information on safe food-handling practices for older Americans who prepare food in their homes.

About Germ City

The Germ City program uses science-based education and an entertaining technique to help participants learn more about the serious but invisible problem of germs. Germ City’s creative, hands-on experience lets participants see the effects of improper hand washing in a new light.


  • children
  • parents
  • teachers
  • older individuals 
  • others at risk for poor hand washing behavior or unsafe food handling practices

Program Objectives

The program is designed for a broad audience and seeks to:

  • change people’s attitudes about hand washing
  • increase their personal motivation for hand washing
  • help them change their behavior about how often, and how well, they wash their hands
  • generate data to support future study of hand washing and the effectiveness of hand-washing education programs 

Program Overview

The Germ City program includes:

  • classroom education for children and youth
  • activities for fairs, festivals, and community events
  • research regarding changes in hand washing behavior as it relates to health and safe food handling 

The highlight of the Germ City program is a large, walk-through tunnel equipped with black lights. 

  • apply a black-light-sensitive lotion to their hands
  • enter the tunnel and observe pretend germs on their hands
  • wash their hands
  • re-enter the tunnel to see how many “germs” remain on their hands
  • assess their effectiveness at hand washing

If you would like Evangelical’s Germ City to visit your school, organization, or event, please call our Community Health Education department at 570-768-3200 or complete this web form.