Worksite Wellness

By bringing the latest wellness topics to your workplace, our Worksite Wellness team provides the framework your employees need to develop long-lasting changes in their health and well-being.

Our comprehensive program consists of:

  • Wellness Seminars and Workshops. Topics include: stress less, sun safety, hydration works, office cardio, healthy substitutions, personal safety, realistic weight loss, and more.
  • Challenges – in the areas of activity, diet, or weight-loss. Challenges can range from 1-12 weeks and motivate your employees to make important changes.
  • Lifestyle Programs and Health Coaching. Programs like Freedom From Smoking® and individual health coaching can help your employees make healthy lifestyle changes that have long-term impact.
  • Biometric Screenings. We offer complete cardiac health testing that identifies risk factors for employees.  Our biometric screening includes:
  • lipid panel
  • blood glucose test
  • blood pressure assessment
  • body composition assessment
  • BMI calculation
  • a health report
  • provider-reviewed results mailed to each participant within two weeks of testing 
  • Trainings. One of our educators will visit your workplace and train your employees in CPR, the use of AED equipment, First Aid, and bloodborne pathogens. 

And, we can customize our program to fit the specific needs of your employees or workplace. 


Our wellness programs can help your employees to develop healthy habits and lifestyles that will benefit them, as well as your business.  

Over the short- and long-term, program benefits can include:

  • increased productivity
  • reduced absenteeism
  • improved morale
  • enhanced success in recruiting
  • fewer healthcare expenses

Our Worksite Wellness Team

Our team includes:

  • registered dietitians
  • certified wellness coaches
  • registered nurses 
  • fitness professionals
  • health educators 

Because Worksite Wellness is part of the Community Health and Wellness department of Evangelical Community Hospital, we have access to a wide range of healthcare professionals to help your program, and your employees, succeed.  

Get Started!

Get started by calling Evangelical’s Wellness at Work Coordinator at 570-768-3208. If you’d like, we can come to your workplace for a free consultation to discuss our program options in detail.